How long are messages stored in the Abuse-Center?
If the domain contact does not actively delete your message after reading it, it will be automatically deleted after a maximum of 30 days, measured on the day of message submission.
I want to contact a domain contact but the domain is not found?
If a domain is not found, it is not administered by us. You must therefore find another way to contact the respective domain contact.
Questions from domain contacts
I accidentally deleted the email with the message link, what can I do?
As long as the messages have not yet exceeded the specified expiredate, you can request all messages for the stored e-mail address of the domain contact via the form for the domain contact. You will then receive an e-mail with all available messages for this e-mail address.
What does the expiredate in the email mean?
The expiredate is the date how long the message will be stored in our Abuse-Center. The message is then automatically deleted.
I have read an e-mail too late, the expiredate is already exceeded, what can I do?
We are sorry, in this case the affected message is unfortunately lost. We promise all visitors who send a message via the Abuse Center that these messages will remain in the system for a maximum of 30 days and we will do so.
Which e-mail address is used for notifications to me?
The e-mail address currently stored with the domain contact is always used. Messages are also stored to this e-mail address until the message is deleted.
The link in the email does not work, what can I do?
In some e-mail programs, the links are automatically broken up to enable the optimal view in your e-mail program. However, the cryptic link breaks down and our system cannot identify you. On the error page shown, use the option of transmitting the message ID and the corresponding message hash to access the message.
I have requested the messages for my domain, but I haven't received any e-mail?
Check your SPAM folder first. If there is no email there, it is quite possible that we have no messages for your domain. In this case, however, you will receive an e-mail confirming that there are no messages for this e-mail address at the current time.
I am being harassed by a person through the Abuse Center, what can I do?
In the first instance, you should insist that this person should not do so in the future. If this information is not noticed, please contact us within 30 days or prior to the end of the harassment message at
I have sent a purchase enquiry but I haven't received any response?
The domain holder has received your message, but has no obligation to answer it. If you do not receive prompt feedback from the domain holder, it is assumed that he does not want to sell the domain.
I have problems, errors or suggestions for improvements regarding the Abuse Center, who can I contact?
If you have any problems, found errors or suggestions for improvement, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please send us an e-mail to Please note that we cannot and may not answer any questions about domains or their content at this e-mail address. Please use only this abuse center.